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Release karmic imprints and your mother’s emotions...

...that you absorbed while in her womb, assumed as your truth ever since. 

Epigenetics shows fetal brain cells develop according to their mother’s emotions. The child would spend the rest of their life subconsciously creating situations to duplicate the same type of emotions.  Utero Subconscious Reprogramming disconnects unwanted invisible ties, allowing you to gain independence to be fully yourself.

About my Practice

Kei K Lam

Exploring the spiritual world from practical science and engineering. Soul Coach, Past Life Coach, Psychosomatic Practitioner, Zhi Neng Herb Practitioner, Best-Selling Author.  

My Mission

Assist women to restore their ability to connect with their core self, refill with love and life, uplevel their business, and transform the world.

My Clients

Women lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs who are willing to do whatever it takes to serve others with their gifts.

My Philosophy

We didn't have control in the womb over what karmic imprints went into us, however we do have control now what we still want to keep and what we want to disconnect from.

My Sessions

Private and confidential over the phone, surrounded by safe and loving divine energy.  Coaching direction flows with divine guidance.  Reprogramming happens quickly and effortlessly under your consent. 

My Methodology

I gently prepare your subconscious to open, then facilitate you to become aware of any unwanted karmic imprints, disconnect, reprogram, reorientate. 

Results of Utero Subconscious Re-Programming

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What My Clients Say

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