What If You Could...

...develop deep meaningful relationships easily, and not feel lonely or unsupported?
...express yourself easily, and not feel misunderstood?
...control your sensitivities, and not let them cause anxiety?


AVOID The Invisible Sabotage That Keeps Highly Sensitive Women Anxious And Unable To Do What They Love

Release ancestral imprints and your mother’s emotions...

...that you absorbed while in her womb, assumed as your truth ever since. 

Epigenetics shows fetal brain cells develop according to their mother’s emotions. The child would spend the rest of their life subconsciously creating situations to duplicate the same type of emotions. 

About my Practice

Kei K Lam

23 years Geophysicist and Construction Business owner.  Compassion Key Master Practitioner, Soul Coach, Psychosomatic Practitioner, Zhi Neng Herb Practitioner, Best-Selling Author.  

My Mission

To create a world full of compassion, mutual understanding and love

My Clients

Sensitive introverted women  who wish to be better understood, have more honest friendships, more success at work, better health, peace and contentment.

Your Answers

I fully believe that YOU have the best answers for your life from within.  Problems not resolving quickly simply means that there are imprints blocking you from yourself.

Your Facilitator

My job is to support you to untangle from unwanted imprints that are blocking you from your own answers.  I honor your inner guidance and will not interfere.

THE Tool

Compassion is the universal language that relaxes all fears, releases all trauma, heals all wounds.  Compassion Activation is a simple little known key that will unlock your door to success.

Benefits of Compassion Activation

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What My Clients Say

Ready to Freely Live Who You're Meant To Be?

Experience How To Move Effortlessly Toward Honest Relationships, Good Health And Success