What If You Could Be Just Yourself And...

...Be Understood
...Be Appreciated
...Be Respected
...And Well Paid?


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If you've tried everything to move past your challenges but they're still here...

...then it's likely something blinding your mind from the whole picture. 

It's not your fault, it's no one's fault.  It's a product of how Mother Nature works for all animals.  There's a beautiful reason, it's for your survival.  However, parts of it may be outdated now that you're an adult, able to make decisions for yourself.  It may be time to release this archaic support.  It can be done, simply and gently.  As you return to your flow, your challenges will dissolve...

About my Practice

Kei K Lam

23 years Geophysicist and Construction Business owner.  Compassion Key Master Practitioner, Soul Coach, Past Life Coach, Psychosomatic Practitioner, Zhi Neng Herb Practitioner, Best-Selling Author.  

My Mission

To support women to fulfillment and health, so they can shine brightly wherever they go, have a positive influence in their workplace, which ripples out to the world. 

My Clients

Sensitive introverted career women who have not been fully valued for their talents, gifts and kindness.  

What will Untangling From Womb Imprints do for You?

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What My Clients Say

Ready to Be Valued For Who You Truly Are?

Carve out your natural path to flow in ease and grace.  Enjoy quick resolutions in human moments.  Live in fulfillment, genuine relationships, health and joy!