Blackout with a Purpose?

So far so good.  Glad to report that I have no negative aftereffects from my unplanned adventure a week ago, including my mysterious blackout.  In fact, it seems I have a bit more capacity to handle multiple inspirations simultaneously now.  I am not saying that I have suddenly become a good multi-tasker, only saying that it seems I can download information into different tasks now, instead of having to finish one item properly before starting another.  Believe me, I am happy for such a skill.  Maybe the blackout was a pre-arranged part of my path toward my life mission!

My radio show this week is titled ‘The Power of Knowing Your Life Mission’.  Life Mission is a foundation to wellness.  This is a very important topic for everyone.  The connection is not entirely obvious.  When we understand each of us came to Earth with a purpose, that the universe is always with us, moving us in the direction of our mission, then the human deep-seated subconscious feeling of “abandonment from God” can be relaxed.  Purposefulness and relaxation contribute to peace, joy, love, harmony and good health.

I hope you will join me, let me know what you think.  Thursday, May 10, at 10:00am Pacific.  You can also check out the story of my adventure in last week’s show ‘Do You Really Choose’.



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