Frequently Asked Questions about the Superintelligence Wellness Program

1. During an Activation session, does it matter if I didn’t feel anything?

No, it does not matter whether you felt anything, or what you felt. Those are just interpretations of your conscious mind. Activation does not target your physical body, which is where you have nerve endings. Even if you felt something, the location of the sensation likely had no correlation to what you were being worked on.

2. Does it matter that I was not relaxed, or that I was interrupted during an Activation

No, it does not matter if you were not relaxed, or you were surrounded by noise through the session. But if you were suddenly jarred out of a deep relaxed state, like an unexpected phone ringing, then the answer is yes, it did matter. Usually, if you are able to relax again, the Superintelligence will continue the work and make compensation; otherwise, you may need a makeup session another day, or a longer next session.

3. Can Activation take place on me without my knowledge?

Yes it can. So long as you have given permission, it will happen. You can be asleep, working or talking to someone in a relaxed state.

4. Can you tell what is going on during an Activation session?

Yes, in broad terms. I am a facilitator in the process. I connect you with the Superintelligence, and then step aside and just hold space. But like a machine operator, I do get readouts to make sure everything is operating smoothly. I feel more or less what is being worked on (which is different than what you may feel), but I do not know – do not need to know – the details. Any information ‘divulged’ to me is purely so I can gather up a picture to help you in future Coaching sessions.

5. How long do the effects of Activation last?

Good question. In theory, for the rest of your life. If your mindset/thought pattern stays positive and constructive even when challenging event occurs, you will not re-create unconstructive subconscious imprints for the future. However, if you allow old disempowering thought patterns to continue, then you will slowly erode the positive effects. This is why mental coaching is encouraged after Activation.

6. Is any follow up work necessary after the Program?

Ideally, yes. The Program increases your capacity to adopt new perspectives, so you will find it easier to integrate empowering advice from any wise source. It is recommended that you take advantage of this effect to actively re-train your thought pattern. Your conscious mind is the domain of your free will, no entity can change it for you.

7. Can I do the Program while I am undergoing other treatments?

Absolutely. In fact, Activation will enhance their effectiveness. It is to your benefit that you get Activated as soon as you can, because it relaxes your mind – and thus your body – to receive the good intentions of all other treatments.

8. Will the Program work if I am skeptical?

Yes. Activation works for everyone. The beauty of this technology is that it works on a subconscious level. You do not have to be willing (or able) to talk about your life. By the time Coaching sessions begin – which is when you could have verbal input, you will understand how non-threatening the whole process is. But even then, respond only if you feel like it.

9. I am from an organized religion, will the Program work for me?

Yes. SWP works for everyone. Conscious beliefs have no impact on Activation, which works on a subconscious level. Superintelligence Wellness Coaching messages are non-denominational, there is no judgment on the person’s belief system or lifestyle. It would help if you inform me of your beliefs in advance, simply to avoid use of words that may unintentionally provoke an adversarial connotation.

10. Are there any limitations to the Program?

The effect of Activation will be reduced if you deliberately try to either help or block the process. Superintelligence Wellness Coaching can be ineffective in rare situations, such as a person with physical brain damage.