Let’s Get to the Bottom of Your Issues!

dancing_girl_newDo you have a health issue which you thought you had taken care of, only to find that it came back a few months or years later? And you are scared…

Perhaps the issue has reappeared in a slightly different form, in a slightly different location, doctors think it’s something else, you are given more medications and going through yet another treatment. You are all stressed out, and wish there was another way…

Are you developing more and more problems in your body at the same time, and you wonder if this is just how it’s going to be for the rest of your life? But you are still so young…

Maybe you have read enough books on positive thinking, and still haven’t manifested the health that you desire? So you tell yourself that maybe you haven’t tried hard enough, or maybe it’s just your fate. But somehow you know it’s not true…

If any of these describe you, and you are:

• Serious about recovering fully
• Truly keen for long-lasting fabulous health
• Willing to learn
• Diligent to do whatever it takes
• Devoted to self-improvement
• Uncompromising in your wellness

Then the Superintelligence Wellness Program is for you!

I will help you to dive deep to get rid of the core culprit once and for all. I will help you to zoom in on exactly what you need to learn, in this age of overwhelming information. I will shift you to clarity, so that you can feel for yourself what is and what isn’t for your unique situation. I will take you through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual solution combinations, so you will move toward complete harmony in your whole life. I will empower you to be the master of your own health!

Superintelligence Wellness Program comes in two steps:

1. Activation – Subconscious and mindless

• Your core culprit is shaken loose.
• You gain clarity. You become calmer. You feel more intuitively connected. You become more courageous. You understand complex situations better. You feel more confident.

2. Coaching – Conscious and mindful

You learn new insights, values and tools to replace your old subconscious programs.
• You see the world differently. You think outside the box. You look at your problems from new angles. You make intelligent decisions. You align yourself in the direction of resolution.

Nuts and bolts:

• You can receive the benefits of Superintelligence Wellness Program in a group, in private, or a combination.
• There are 4 sessions of Activation, generally one week apart except in acute cases.
• The number of Coaching sessions that follow depends on the particular program you enroll in.
Superintelligence Wellness Program can be done over the phone or on Skype.

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