Barbara Valenti, Personal and Organizational Coach- Consultant- Trainer- Facilitator, Kassel, Germany, www.barbara-valenti.com

I felt very stressed, unsure and unconfident when I contacted Kay. I had the impression she was the right person to work with because on one hand she is very soft but she can be very straight forward. I know that this combination is helpful for me. What I appreciate a lot is that she has a scientific background and is not esoteric which means for me, that she knows her limits and would not go beyond them. So I felt very safe. During the Activation process I felt like something was shifting, even though I can’t say what. It is now half a year – I have the feeling that during those sessions an amazing base for my future life was created. Since that time I have the feeling that I reached the next level. I feel safe to walk on and do my next steps. I have the feeling that this base will be there for a long time supporting me on my way. Since her program I finished my web, I changed my business name, I feel that I am getting to my full power and my self-confidence in that I am doing the right work, which is amazing. Kay is highly professional, warm-hearted, cross-cultural sensitive and you can also have a laugh with her :-)”

Paula Kennedy, Accountant, Calgary, Canada

Kay’s program has really helped me with stress. I used to have chronic neck and shoulder pain and my heart would race if I felt stressed out. After working with Kay I felt so much calmer and happier. My neck tension and anxiety have really decreased. The big outcome for me was awareness. I used to try to lead life in a certain direction, and would get muscle tension, headaches, crying, arguments. She has really helped me to deal with my children too, I am no longer controlling how their lives must turn out, and everybody is happier. I knew the theory and benefits of letting go before, but I was not open to the shift until Kay’s program. I was about to uproot my whole family because I wanted to run away from the hustle bustle of city life to find calm, Kay helped me to through that phase, and now I am still in the same hustle bustle, but I can find calm from within. I really believe Kay has a divine connection. She is very intuitive and knows what people need.”

Mariko Hirakawa, Ayurvedic Physician & Experienced Yoga Instructor, New York City, USA www.AyurvedaYogaPractice.com

“Working with Kay Lam has been a total delight. Since working with her, I notice that I feel lighter, that I am more focused on the essentials of life. The sessions themselves are a deep experience, and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to live life fully and deeply and realize their full potential!

Shameema, Co-Founder of Miz Words, South Africa www.mizwords.com

“I had five Superintelligence Wellness sessions with Kay two months ago. I still notice improvements in my physical body. Best of all, I feel much stronger emotionally, like I can face the world and take on anything. During each session, I noticed actual physical sensations on my body from heat to cold and shivers. At the end of the sessions I was left feeling relaxed, lighter and having a sense of direction and hope. I also find myself calmer, freer, at peace, and feeling whole.

I have had major health challenges for 14 years now. My skin although it has not healed, has definitely improved in the last couple months – it looks healthier and seems to be recovering, and by this I mean that the texture seems to be normalising and the pinkness is constantly much less. While I didn’t mind going out, I didn’t always want to be noticed because of my skin and the reaction of other people. But now I feel courageous enough to face the world, and even have my picture taken! I am definitely getting more confident despite my current looks.

This is the best healing I’ve ever had, and I have tried many different types through the years. I feel that this healing has had an impact in every area of my life. Even a few weeks later, the effects and the results are still as potent. I have to say a huge thank you to Kay. This came at the perfect time in my life and she was the perfect person do to it. Talking to her makes me feel upbeat – I think she has fantastic energy and being around it is like having an injection of wellness.

Steve Desrochers, Telecom and Network Consultant, Calgary, Canada

“I have always been searching for why I’m here, I had never felt content with my overall life state. When I first started my sessions with Kay I felt lost as usual, but as the sessions progressed I felt more alert and aware of what I wanted to do with my life and starting from the moment. I like the positive way that Kay presented it and explained it. The Superintelligence Wellness Program helped me find my way. Since I did this program with Kay I feel very content with myself, and my life in general. I have noticed a great deal of focused energy that I haven’t had in years, with my personal life and my career. My wife has noticed that I’m actually finishing projects at home that I use to never start let alone finish. I now know that my search for contentment is not from outside it is within myself. I’m connecting better to everything around me and feeling better about it.

Dianne Bassett, Education Specialist, Calgary, Canada

“My experience with Kay was full of both familiar feelings and lots of surprising feelings. On a spiritual level, I felt I knew some of the emotional responses during the sessions. Kay was talented at coaxing some of these emotional connections to a more conscious level. Kay was very calm, very accepting and very open to my own ideas, feelings, thoughts and questions. The coaching portion of the program was astounding in its specifics and its accuracy. The coaching information created a space of safety for me to explore the idea of forgiveness in a more holistic manner.”

Rosita Chan, 84 year old, Hong Kong, China

Sleep used to be a big problem for me. For many years I could not fall asleep without taking a sleeping pill. Every night I got up twice to go to the bathroom, and then took a while before falling asleep again. I would wake up at 5 to 6am, stressful thoughts enter my head, and then I just had to get up. I had to take afternoon naps most days. After Kay did her work on me, I felt a lot more relaxed. It is easy for me to fall asleep now, I don’t take sleeping pills anymore. I have slept through the night every single night so far, and when I wake up sometimes at 6am, I have not needed to go to the bathroom. I feel so relaxed and peaceful that I can actually enjoy the comfort of my bed for another hour before getting up. Some days I would fall asleep again till 8am. I noticed right away that I have a lot more energy. I feel so happy now I don’t get irritated easily. I have less anxiety. I let my husband do whatever he likes, even though I still disagree. I don’t feel like arguing anymore, just don’t see the point of it. There is no need for me to take afternoon naps anymore. I can plan to do more during the day. It just feels really good like this!

Rashida Patel, Health Consultant/Retired Nurse and Life Makeover Coach, Newcastle, South Africa

I was very stressed out for approximately 10 years. In 2005 I crashed. I had a hormonal imbalance. Along with chiropractic treatment, sound therapy and hrt, I learnt self hypnosis which I still practise. Recently I discovered Superintelligence Wellness. After 5 sessions I feel more relaxed. I felt increasingly relaxed after each session. There have been a few very trying incidents where my patience was tested, I would have reacted before, but I noticed that I continued to be in good spirits in spite of everything. I believe SW can benefit many and the bonus is that there would be no side effects one experiences with allopathic treatment.”

S Yeung, Breast Cancer Survivor, Calgary, Canada

“Kay connected my problem with something in the past which I didn’t know could be related. She understood my situation, I felt very comfortable. She answered a lot of questions that I didn’t even know how to ask or who to ask. I felt relieved. She empowered me to listen to my heart, which I did not know was talking to me so clearly.”

CA Brooks, Premier Advisor, Clairvoyant Astrologer, Psychic, Denver, USA www.12listen.com

“…I swear, (Kay) must have literally seen my list, because it was almost as if she was on cue – she asked me the perfect questions, the perfect setup for what I really wanted to talk about that morning. Now I know why she calls that show “Superintelligence” wellness. She is totally in the groove!

Haseena Patel, Speaker, Author, Girls Empowerment Coach, Founder of LNGB, Newcastle, South Africa www.leavenogirlbehind.org

“You’ve educated me so much and just broadened my perspective on so much, I’m just so grateful to you. The first two weeks after the (Past Life) regression was such bliss because no matter what happened, I somehow couldn’t feel any anger (even about issues that usually really rile me up!). And now, although I do feel angry now and then, it’s much less. I’ve also been thinking about the ______ issue a lot and allow myself to think about things that have happened and just explore how things have impacted me – I sometimes have new realizations that I’ve never had about the past (this life).

Merilee Lau, Senior Parole Officer, Honolulu, USA

Kay definitely made me a believer. Her (astrology) interpretation was painstakingly detailed and accurate it was scary. It was powerful, precise and accurate. Not only did it fascinate me, it was an eye opener as well. It was comprehensive and I can sum it up by saying it was an extraordinary experience. It gave me so much insight about myself and my life and how I can proceed from now on. It was brilliant. Thank you Kay!!!

Sheila Camp, former Librarian, Calgary, Canada

“Kay helped me to understand how the hurdles of life can be lessons in themselves … remind me to stay in the moment and think as I live my life. I appreciated Kay’s candid answers to my questions and her thought filled responses on how I could help myself. Her information was a good reminder of how I could stay on track to go through my life. Kay added her feelings as to what directions I could move towards and she added her hopefulness in the results. Yes her advice is helping me and I have already felt positive results strongly.